May 23, 2006

the Problem in Iraq

Listening to exerpts of the president speaking today I realized what our problem in Iraq is and why we can't seem to make any progress there, We keep turning corners, and everyone knows, if you turn enough corners you end up going the wrong way.

Music Listend to: Karl Zero Calypso, although should be Dead Or Alives "You Spin Me Right Round"
Viewed: Historys Mystries Crop Circles
Food Eaten: Portebello Mushroom Fajitas
Moral of the Day: Circles are round and go no where

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April 29, 2006

Crowning Acheivment

Yesterday I got a crown on one of my teeth, mostly it wasn't a bad expierence, actually it was pretty cool compared to my other 2 crowns. (none of them are gold, so don't get any ideas about mugging me for my teeth) Anyway, the dentist has this new machine for making crowns, when I got my other 2, they took a mold of my teeth, then ground the tooth down that needed the crown, made another mold, sent it off and a month later you got your final crown and went back in, they pulled the temporary one off and put the pretty finished one on. Well, with this new machine its all in one day, they start off by taking 3 images of your tooth, the computer makes a 3D rendering of your tooth and the teeth on either side of it, they grind your tooth down, then take 3 more images, the computer then creates a 3D rendering of what your crown should look like, the dentist then goes in and shapes and tweeks the crown to something he likes, he can look at your tooth from every angle and how it interacts with the other teeth, it was really cool, then to top it all of, when the dentist is done, he basically hits the print key and another machine which has porcelon blanks in it starts carving your tooth.. it is totally cool.

Music Listened to: Love and Rockets 80-D
Food Eaten: because of the crown, it was comfort food Portebello Mushroom burgers
Moral of the Day: even though the expierence was cool, my mouth still hurts

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April 06, 2006

Yet Another Dream

I don't know what it is in my life lately that has given me so many really strange dreams, last night I dreamt I was looking out the window at the lake, and there were all these ducks and geese there, and then there were these 2 really really huge ducks, they sort of looked like those Tunnel of Love Geese but they were living ducks, I remember thinking Michelle and I could climb on their backs and get flown around..

Food Eaten: Vegetable Kabobs on Couscous
Music Listened to: Love and Rockers, Morning After Girls
viewed: the New Doctor Who - entertaining campy
Moral of the day: huh?

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February 24, 2006

strange dreams

Last night I had some doosy dreams.. lets see if I can remember them all..

dream 1) Bauhaus was playin in the driveway across the street from my house, they then covered all these songs and had guest singers for them and they finished by playing Love and Rockets Yin and Yang the flowerpot man.

dream 2) I was doing a documentary on Bruce Springstrein actually it was this red muppet looking thing that went through his garbage that I was doing the documentary on..

there was a 3rd one that was equally strange, but I can't remember.. oh well..

Music Listened to: the Cure
Food Eaten: Totrelini
Moral of the Day: I have no idea, you figure it out..
Movie watched: Flight Plan with Jodi Foster...I didn't realize that there was so much empty space on an airplane.

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February 13, 2006

Favorite Toy

Some Kids Love Dolls, Some stuffed Animals, some kids even love their blanket.. my child love his rolling Pin..

P2050049.jpg P2050062.jpg

Food Eaten: Indian Chickpea and Rice Casserole
Music LIstened: Nouvelle Vague, Dandy Warhols
Moral of the Day: sometimes its not worth it to Shovel

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February 05, 2006

Belly Button Lesson

so I realized today that I am really learning some important lessons from my 16 month old son.. like today he taught me that when ever a situation is getting too intense and you need to shift direction, simply pull your shirt up, point to your stomache and shout "Bellly Button!!" so I decided to give it a try, at breakfast we were having a quiet breakfast so I pulled up my shirt, pointed at my stomach and shouted "Belly Button" My wife laughed for several minutes.. it worked perfectly, I have to sit in a staff meeting tomorrow morning so I think if its really boring I'll give it a try, I have a hunch I'm on a new road to success with this one.

Moral of the day: Nothing is as sacred as a hat
Music Listend to: Love and Rockets, BRMC, Charlatans UK
Food Eaten: Red Robyn burgers.
Movies Watched: B-13 an intense French Action Film Hong Kong Look out.

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January 19, 2006


since I'm feeling some pressure for a new posting I'll post a new one. Lets see, my friend Jeremy and his wife Meghan just had a baby girl, and I have to say it was really fun listening to Jeremy tell about the whole birthing expierence, it really brought me back to the birth of Logan and everything that went on and continues to go on in my mind regarding being a parent. Its really an odd feeling, thoughts go through my mind all the time sometimes its "wow, I can't beleive I'm a father", sometimes its "damn he is such a cool kid" and sometimes its "holy crap I'm supposed to be responsible for a child how can that be, I'm still not a grown up yet" but all and all, its pretty cool being a parent, I know there will be times when that feeling changes but I think overall its pretty cool.

Food Eaten: My famous Black Bean Chili
Music Listened to: Charlatans UK
Moral of the Day: soon diapers will be a thing of the past

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November 28, 2005

Bolywood and are you being spied on?

Saturday night got together with friends and watched a bolywood movie called Bunty and Babli, it was a great movie alot of fun and we did the party as a potluck, I tried to make Malai Kofta, it really dind't turn out and I feel badly for all my friends who were kind enough to try it and pretend like they liked it.

so I had this thought, pretty much all the new laptop computers and some desktop computers are now equiped with a microphone, I don't see anyreason that those microphones couldn't be used when connected to the internet to spy upon the user of the computer. Just food for thought.

Food Eaten: Indian Left overs
Music LIstened to: Bauhaus and Love and rockets bootlegs.
Moral of the day: Please, speak clearly, I'm listening to you...

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November 03, 2005

my crazy dog

Ok, tonight Michelle was cutting up a lemon to put in her water, a slice of lemon fell on the floor, I discovered that my Dog Akira Loves Lemons, Michelle took a taste and grimmiced and said "wow, thats a sour lemon"

Food EAten: lasagne
Music Listened to: Dandy WArhols, Creatures
Moral of the Day: when Life Gives you Lemons, give them to the dog

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October 30, 2005

Spamalot not the musical my site

I think I'm going to have to rename this blog as Spamalot since once again I seem to be the target of spam attacks, and I'm a vegetarian who to the best of my knowledge has never even had spam. although in the last 24 hours I've managed to delete 40 spam postings.. fortunetly they don't go live so I'm not embarrased by ads for Viagra and Womb Services on my site.

Music Listened to: Billy Idol, Postal service, Sigur Ros, Depeche Mode, Autolux
Food Eaten: Pigs in a Blanket
Moral of the Day: Its not the spam that bothers me, its the jelly on top

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